09.01.19 - Thinking Biblically About Death

Creation: God created Adam and Eve fully alive, both spiritually and physically.

Fall: Adam and Eve rebelled against God, bringing physical and spiritual death on all of humanity.

Redemption: God is at work to restore his fallen creation. Those who trust Christ are made spiritually alive, even though we don’t experience full physical healing in this life. Christians who have died are fully spiritually alive, but absent from their home in the body.

Restoration: Believers look forward to the day when we will be fully alive, spiritually and physically. On that day, death will be defeated and we will live forever in our bodies with all those who are in Christ.

08.04.19 - "You Shall Not Commit Adultery"

Content Advisory: There’s nothing lewd or inappropriate in this sermon, but we do talk about sex, so use caution when listening with little ones.

The Seventh Commandment summarizes all of God’s commands about marriage and sexuality. We often focus on ‘how far is too far’ and miss God’s intention for sex. God’s purpose for humanity is that we be a people who live in relationship with him, and being fruitful and multiplying is central to this vision. The seventh commandment condemns those who deviate from this vision by separating marriage from sex and childbearing.

07.07.19 - "Hear, O Israel" (Part 2)

When Jesus calls disciples to follow him, he calls them to pick up their cross - an ancient instrument of torture - every day. Following Jesus is a whole-life commitment. That’s why we are commanded to love (or be loyal to) God with all of our ‘very muchness’. And when we truly understand who God is and what he’s done for us, devoting our lives to him will be the natural response.