The Session

As a Presbyterian Church, Peace is governed by its Session, a body comprised of the pastor and several ruling (lay) elders who serve alongside him. There are three ruling elders currently serving on Peace’s Session, each of whom are serving for three year terms.


Rev. Andrew Winter


Pastor Andrew has felt a call to ministry since grade school, and devoted his life to serving God full-time in the church. He graduated from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary in the summer of 2018 and began serving at Peace Presbyterian Church that fall. He was ordained on October 14, 2018.

When he’s not preparing a sermon or visiting a church member, Pastor Andrew enjoys watching soccer (particularly Everton and Toronto FC), listening to music and podcasts, and spending time with his family.

His wife, SJ, is also ordained in the EPC, serving as Pastor of Young Adults, Guest Services, and Detroit Outreach at Ward Church in Northville, MI.

Janet HErwaldt

Ruling Elder (2019)

David Haney

RuLing EldER (2021)